Corporate Social Responsibility

At TwentyFour, we are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and these principles are at the core of our culture. As a firm we strive to have a positive impact on the environment, society and the communities in which we work and live. You will see this commitment to CSR demonstrated in many ways.

View our Corporate Social Responsibility statement here.

People and Culture 

A core tenet of our investment philosophy is that diversity of experience ensures a wide range of views to capture returns and mitigate risks. TwentyFour thus seeks to attract and promote a diverse workforce. We consider our long term focus to be a competitive advantage; we emphasise retaining and developing our staff, offering them benefits and policies that support their wellbeing and career development and promote equality across the firm.

Operating in a dynamic marketplace, it is essential we continually update our skills and knowledge. TwentyFour provides regular internal training to help achieve this, aimed at keeping employee engagement and satisfaction high. Staff across the organisation also have the opportunity to attend external training courses to support their work. TwentyFour invests in its human capital by encouraging staff to take professional qualifications, paying for tutoring and materials as well as providing time off for study.

Community initiatives

TwentyFour acknowledges the community at large as one of its stakeholders and seeks to make a positive impact beyond its investing activities. The firm places an emphasis on in-kind support, and our staff are keen to put their skills to work directly benefiting the wider community.

QMUL Mentoring scheme

At TwentyFour we are proud to have teamed up with Queen Mary University of London’s (QMUL) mentoring scheme, with the aim of specifically providing female undergraduates less familiar with the workings of the City with advice, guidance and encouragement.

There are several additional reasons why the QMUL QMentor scheme is a natural fit for our firm. First, it is our closest neighbouring university, being situated in Tower Hamlets just east of the City. Second, 90% of its undergraduate intake is derived from state schools, a significant number from the local area. Finally, QMUL has an extensive bursary scheme aimed at supporting the brightest and best students from less privileged backgrounds.

We participate in a rolling mentoring programme and are exploring other avenues with the University to help increase students’ understanding of the opportunities working in the City presents.


10000 Black intern scheme 

TwentyFour is proud to be participating in the #10000blackinterns initiative, which addresses the under-representation of black talent in financial services in the UK. To find out more please visit:  


TwentyFour has chosen to sponsor Harena Manasoa France (HMF), a charity founded in 2016. HMF works with villages and schools in Madagascar, empowering local communities by giving them the long-lasting tools and education they need to raise themselves out of poverty.

TwentyFour has committed to helping HMF build eco-canteens at schools in the province of Antananarivo, ensuring each pupil receives at least two balanced meals per week. The firm’s employees have also been raising funds for wells, permaculture gardens, mini-farms and teaching supplies, which will help the schools to become self-sustaining and improve the quality of education.