Corporate Social Responsibility

At TwentyFour, we are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and these principles are at the core of our culture. As a firm we strive to have a positive impact on the environment, society and the communities in which we work and live. You will see this commitment to CSR demonstrated in many ways. View our Corporate Social Responsibility statement here.  






A core tenet of our investment philosophy is that diversity of experience provides a wide range of views and this can help us to capture returns and mitigate risks. TwentyFour thus seeks to attract and promote a diverse workforce. We consider our long term focus to be a competitive advantage; we emphasise retaining and developing our staff, offering them benefits and policies that support their wellbeing and career development and promote equality across the firm. Operating in a dynamic marketplace, it is essential we continually update our skills and knowledge. TwentyFour provides regular internal training to help achieve this, aimed at keeping employee engagement and satisfaction high. Across the organisation staff also have the opportunity to attend external training courses to support their work and personal development. TwentyFour invests in its human capital by encouraging staff to take professional qualifications, paying for tutoring and materials as well as providing time off for study.


TwentyFour acknowledges the community at large as one of its stakeholders and seeks to make a positive impact beyond its investing activities. The firm places an emphasis on in-kind support, and our staff are keen to put their skills to work directly benefiting the wider community.

QMUL Mentoring scheme

TwentyFour acknowledges the wider community and seeks to make a positive impact beyond investment activity. Putting an emphasis on in-kind support, and recognising the disproportionately low representation of women within financial services, we are proud to be working in partnership with Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) on a mentoring scheme, designed to encourage female students to consider the benefits of a career within Finance. 
Staff members use the skills they have developed in the work place to provide advice, guidance and encouragement to the students, many of whom come from underprivileged backgrounds and are often the first person in their family to go into higher education. Many also do not have a family circle who can open their horizons to the benefits of working in the financial sector.

We continually look to explore other avenues with the University to develop our interaction and relationship further. We were therefore delighted to be able to offer a number of Queen Mary students paid summer work placements in 2021. Given many of these students have had no prior experience of working in the City, not only was this an invaluable, hands on learning experience, it also provided them with key employability skills which are often required by employers. We look forward to being able to offer internships every year to students on this scheme. 

We are also pleased to have partnered with the University on a number of events, aimed at educating students and giving them a better understanding of the Asset Management sector. In October 2021, TwentyFour hosted an event on “Careers in Asset Management”. The event brought together a range of representatives from different divisions within the Firm with the aim of offering students an insight into the various career paths on offer within Asset Management. Over 150 students from various schools and departments attended the event, with many students highlighting that they had not considered a career within Asset Management previously due to not having a ‘traditional’ economics or finance background. Since then, the University has invited us to take part in a number of subsequent events, including a panel to discuss “Women in Finance” and “Careers in Investment and Wealth Management”.  Our aim is to encourage as many students as possible to consider the benefits of a career within finance and specifically asset management, and to not let any perceived disadvantage stop them from achieving this. 

The industry has a long way to go to address the diversity imbalance, but by focusing on the grassroots and making it accessible to university students, such as those from Queen Mary, we believe that we can make a difference.      


10000 Black Interns Scheme 

TwentyFour is proud to be participating in the #10000blackinterns initiative, which addresses the under-representation of black talent in financial services in the UK. 

10,000 Black Interns, which was set up to transform the prospects of young black people in the UK, said that the internships are available to individuals from black African, black Caribbean, mixed black and/or other black British backgrounds who are over the age of 18 and are currently studying at university in the UK, or who have graduated since 2018.

The internships will constitute paid work experience and last a minimum of six weeks, taking place in the summer of 2022, across industry sectors such as banking and finance, investment management, insurance and accountancy. The 2022 programme aims to place more than 2,000 interns in paid roles at over 700 businesses across 24 sectors of British industry.

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Investment 2020 

TwentyFour are pleased to be a part of Investment 20/20, offering young people their first job in the City through 12-month paid trainee roles. Investment20/20 is a part of The Investment Association, and provides a high-quality route through to a career in investment management. 

It provides access to a large network of investment management companies committed to helping graduates, school and college leavers start, grow and succeed in the industry. 

Investment20/20 helps drive a forward thinking, responsible and inclusive investment industry where every firm attracts, develops and retains talented people from all backgrounds.

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TwentyFour Charitable Foundation 

In 2022, we launched the TwentyFour Charitable Foundation.

The object of the Charity is to make grants to advance such charitable purposes for the public benefit, the Charity will choose a focus area on an annual basis and the focus for the current year is education and mental health. 

Registered charity number - 1195526


TwentyFour is committed to responsible environmental practices. We acknowledge that environmental issues including climate change present some of the most important issues facing the world today. We acknowledge that many measures that lead to lower CO2 emissions also reduce other environmental effects, such as resource consumption and air pollution and we attach great importance to this issue across all our business activities. 

We work with our building management company to track and reduce landfill waste, with the ultimate aim to recycle over 95% of the office’s waste products. When disposing of our waste, all paper products are sent for recycling. Special waste such as fluorescent light tubes, and print cartridges are also collected separately.

Our building energy is derived from renewable sources, and we have intelligent lighting systems and other environmentally friendly construction features. Furthermore, the Firm calculates carbon emissions, including commuting from its staff, and offsets these to achieve a carbon neutral position.

Additionally, TwentyFour supports flexible working and greener commuting, to further reduce our carbon footprint.